Shapewear takes on a sexy new role in the lingerie market



It seems that women are no longer keeping those Bridget Jones style pants a shameful secret. In fact shapewear, which is worn to smooth out a woman’s figure, can now be just as sexy as designer lingerie and celebrities are happy to admit to wearing such items.

Since Sara Blakely designed ‘Spanx’ in the late 1990’s as a remedy to embarrassing VPLs, control lingerie has taken a fashionable turn with Gwyneth Paltrow admitting to wearing two pairs on the red carpet shortly after giving birth.

Shapewear manufacturers want to take things a step further by getting women to wear their undergarments on the outside too, by creating tops, skirts and dresses which mould your body into the perfect smooth shape. ‘Spanx’ itself is expanding its range by experimenting with different fabrics and launching a range of shaping tights.

‘Dreamwear’ is marketing opaque items as solo wear this autumn/winter with a range of bodysuits in microfiber and lace, and Spandex pencil skirts are available from fashionable retailers such as ‘American Apparel’. This all means that you can have the perfect figure, whilst still wearing sexy Mio Destino lingerie underneath!

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