Only In America New York City

How far would you go for £180? Run naked down a street? No, probably not. Walk over hot coals? Maybe?

Would you push a dead corpse down the middle of a busy street in New York on an office chair? No? Well two men clearly thought it was worth the hassle, effort, smell and risk as that is exactly what they did ? only to be caught by an off-duty police officer when, unsurprisingly, a crowd build up around the corpse.

The crowd only built up because, (and this is my favourite bit), the two men, both 66, had left their dead ?friend? outside to go and try and cash his social security cheque for $355 (£180). They left him outside! I hear New York is a pretty mad place, but I think a dead man propped up in a chair will attract attention wherever you are in the world.

Their plan was foiled by a ?meddling off-duty police officer? (to use a classic Scooby Doo-ism) that noticed the man was dead and called for uniformed back up.

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