New York City Dance, Dance

Mio Destino went to the opening of the fantastic ‘Dance Dance Revolution’ at the Ohio Theatre in Soho NYC - ‘a dystopian Footloose set to Japanese rave music …inspired by the hit video game of the same name’, according to Flavorpill.

Les Freres Corbusier the company responsible for ‘Dance Dance Revolution’ is famed for creating theatre sets which submerse the audience in the setting. Tonight as Mio Destino set foot in the theatre we could see this tradition remains. Set in the future Dance Dance’s setting created a metallic, urban environment with a surreal feel – there were sculptures from plastic bottles and dancers entwined in scaffolding. Mio Destino waited anxiously for the show to begin.

Once the show got started – after some chaotic seating arrangements, things carried on down the surreal path with a planet where dance is illegal, a lead character called Moonbeam Funk who chases rainbows and unicorns and whose dancing skills are the beginnings of a revolution. There was drama, friendship, love and betrayal. Oh and tones of body glitter and lots of short shorts!

While some people with hate the over the top acting, singing and dancing, Mio Destino was happy to laugh, be entertained and simply enjoy the party. In times like these humor never fails to please.

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