New Year Resolutions 2014

We're coming to the end of 2013 already, hasn't this year just flown by? We hope that 2013 has treated you well and that 2014 will treat you even better.

How can we make next year better, we hear you say. Well there's something called a New Year Resolution, we're sure you've hear of it.

Whilst you're indulging in all the lovely festive season specialities such as champagne, turkey and puddings (we surely will) you'll probably be thinking 'I really need to get rid of the Christmas pounds I'm putting on'. Then you're definitely not alone.

Loosing weight and getting fit/healthy always seems to be at the top of the New Year Resolutions chart. Another popular resolution for 2014 is reducing stress and anxiety.

Funnily enough, we will all start 2014 off with the best intentions of sticking to our resolutions but only a small proportion of us will. According to a US survey released in January 2013, 11 percent of Americans had already broken their resolutions just six days into the New Year.

So let's all get our pen and paper out, write down our list of New Year Resolutions and see how log we can stick to them once we hit January 1st 2014.

Have a good New Year everyone!

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