Marry you? It’s not in my genes

One of the oldest clichés is that men don’t like commitment – especially not marriage. For years women have had to wait while the man um-ed and ah-ed about what to do, before finally he would commit to the marriage. But it turns out us men have an excuse – our genes! Research that has been carried out has found that some men lack a certain gene type that is found in most men that compels them to not want to get married.

I won’t go all scientific on you – I didn’t understand it myself really – but it would be fascinating to see a man try and use this defence the next time his girlfriend starts moaning to him down the pub about his inability to commit to her for the long term.

Perhaps she could overcome the defective gene with some Mio Destino lingerie – a sure fire way to get any man’s attention, although possibly not for the long term…

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