London Fashion Week losing its touch??

Paul Smith Fashion

I never thought I would say it, but....

London Fashion Week has yet to inspire me. Yesterday's collections continued along similar lines to those on the opening day. Unbelievably drab and dull colours yet again strolled down the catwalk. I swear I'll throw my stilleto at the very next designer who sends another uninspired grey or black tunic sack dress or sloppy knit (or maybe not, best not to waste such a beautiful piece of footwear..)

I turned to Paul Smith looking for some comfort. Smith, the king of English eccentricity, colour and vibrancy, was surely I someone I could rely on for something a little off the wall...yes? NO. Gone are Smith's days of cute tea dresses, ditsy floral prints, sweet cardigans, and in stomped washer woman head scarves, knee length pencil skirts and sack dresses. The whole collection reaked of desperation to be a couture collection, something that Paul Smith simply isn't.

I overheard two buyers talking about the exhibition, and I think they summed up this year's LFW so far perfectly when they stated that we have lost some of our 'sparkle and innovation'. Everything that I have seen so far, is almost the same as last year- all very safe, middle of the road. London fashion used to rule as it was different, edgy, cool and sometimes shocking. Fingers crossed that Todd Lynn and Nathan Jenden will delight us all later today, and surely we can rely on Vivienne Westwood's return to London to give us more credibility this year!

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