Lingerie to help track you down

Underwear maker Lucia Lorio has launched a line of lingerie that’s sure to get feathers ruffled and set many a debate for the future. The aptly named ‘Find Me If You Can’ line has been nicknamed the 21st Century Chastity belt by feminists.

The new concept consists of women’s lingerie, made up of a lace corset, bikini bottoms and costume jewellery pearl collar. But, here’s the twist. Underneath the sheer panels of the bodice is a highly visible GPS device, in which the woman can be, in Lorio’s words, ‘only found if she wants to’.

The idea is that a woman can give the man of her choice, the password to her GPS, so that she can be found at all times. The woman can also have the power to switch off her tracking at any time. At almost £450, Lorio consents that she hasn’t sold too many of her creations, although she is optimistic for the future, and hopes to break the kidnap prone Brazilian market.

Personally, we can see little appeal to this in the UK- who would want their partner to know when they’re shopping when they’re meant to be ‘working late’?!

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