Lingerie To Golf In From Mio Destino

Guys, would you rather.....
a) Spend a cosy night in with your beautiful partner?
b) Do a few rounds of golf with friends on a sunny Saturday afternoon?

If you either answered b) or slightly hesitated then shame on you!
Mio Destino is here to help you become a better man with a solution that means you won’t ever need to make that difficult decision again.
The brand new Golfing bra and knicker set from Mio Destino is the answer for all golf lovers who feel they neglect the lady in their lives each and every weekend. This fun new lingerie set incorporates everything you need to ‘perfect your swing’ enabling you to combine the two favourite things in your life without having to step out the bedroom door!

So the next time your lovely partner asks if you ‘fancy a tee?’ she won’t be putting the kettle on, no! She will be opening her lingerie draw and whipping out the fun new set from Mio Destino that you have bought her.

Want to know more about this ingenious set and other stunning pieces? Visit Mio Destino right now and be on your way to lowering that handicap of yours whilst increasing the time you spend together. Birdie!

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