Lingerie thief!

Who would have thought that lingerie could drive a man to crime? Actually, that’s a silly question; at Mio we’re positive a woman in lingerie could drive a man to almost anything! In fact, it’s our guess that lingerie has been the cause of downfall for many a man.

Recently in New York our theory was proven when the New York Post Reported on a man from Queens being arrested for charges of selling $80,000 worth of Victoria’s Secret bras. Using ebay – under various seller’s names he was able to get rid of 2,000 bras! Quite a feat we think. In fact he did such a good job he managed to achieve 100 percent customer approval from buyers!

Mio fans take note. Stick to a reputable site to buy your underwear, like Mio Destino, otherwise you could end up with even hotter briefs than you imagined!.

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