Don’t forget… wear stockings with your lingerie

Looking around New York it seems that stockings are what’s ‘hot’. While perhaps a number of us are comfortable wearing them in the bedroom as part of our lingerie look, this winter its time take them outside the house to add a touch of sexiness to any outfit.

The first hint that stockings are going to be big was at Venexiana’s spring/summer 09 show (suggesting this is a trend to stay) during New York Fashion Week where a temporary tattoo was painted up the model’s bare legs to give the illusion of stockings.

In Williamsburg (the home of New York hipsters) Red Pearl’s window display is full of stockings ranging from the casual to ornate. When wearing stockings the key is - going the whole way. It’s no use deciding to wear stockings with your faded washed out knickers.

Knowing you have a sexy Italian lingerie set, available at Mio Destino, to compliment your new look will make even the most mundane Monday feel good!

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