Lingerie Drawer - Beware of The Dangers

You would think that a Manolo Blahnik broken ankle is the worst of the fashion packs worries, but you’d have thought wrong. A recent survey in The Times listed a multitude of fashion-related ailments, from the mundane to the mysterious (Blackberry Thumb or Bulky Bag Shoulder), and the majority are found lurking in the depths of the lingerie drawer.

Bum-Bra Proctalgia’ caused by wearing ill-advised underwear, rubbing in unmentionable places is a complaint of more than just the minority. Poor quality lingerie made from cheap material, all for the convenience of a little less laundry is creating a stir in doctors’ surgeries up and down the country, becoming a problem that needs a solution. A solution that is oh so simple.

Ladies (and gents) its time to spend a little time in your lingerie selection, Primark pants might save time in the short term, but where’s the satisfaction when you’re struggling to walk with cheap polyester chaffing away in places that should be left for the softest of silks. This goes for all lingerie – it’s the age-old adage; if you buy cheap, you buy twice, so why bother. Fast fashion is all very well, but its time to stop the lingerie-induced maladies and invest in a little luxury. Invest in Mio Destino.

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