Lingerie Dilemma For Women in Saudi Arabia

Men are clueless about lingerie at the best of times but imagine visiting a shop completely staffed by them. An amusing thought to most in the UK but in conservative Saudi Arabia some women have little choice. Often denied the right to work, Saudi women are forced to get advice on style, colour and more importantly size from male shop assistants. In a country with strict segregation laws, it is often difficult for women to get measured properly, causing ill fitting bras and discomfort.

Rana Jad, a twenty year old student comments, "Girls don't feel very comfortable when males are selling them lingerie, telling them what size they need, and saying 'I think this is small on you, I think this is large on you'…it’s just not appropriate.” While most women find getting the perfect bra stressful enough, spare a thought for women like Rana who are currently campaigning for change.

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