Lingerie Bowl – An American Tradition?

Let me set the scene, a cold January afternoon, the air is thick with excitement, and twenty-two young, vivacious women make their way across a muddy field, ready to battle to the death, and if a bra should get lost along the way, then so be it! This is football and no amount of lost lingerie will get in the way of Yankie pride.

The Super Bowl has long since been an American tradition; guys in tight trousers and heavy helmets battling it out on a muddy field…it’s simply not cricket! And neither is The Lingerie Bowl, in fact, far from it. A brilliant alternative to the Super-Bowl half-time show, two teams of (as the name would suggest) lingerie-clad women take on an American institution, but on their terms, and with a lot more sex appeal.

And the most impressive part? The girls simply do not care! Yes they’re slender, well-toned goddess’ of the Victoria’s Secret variety, but they’re letting it all hang out with pride, cellulite flails fabulously and breasts bouncy gaily in sporty, yet stylish lingerie, as both teams race across the pitch, striving for an American victory. Sport has never been so much fun!

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