Lace Parasols

I just came across a lovely website called Lace-Parasols which sells products such as gloves, fans and parasols made from fine Battenburg Lace in various styles, colours and sizes.

The beautifully crafted sun umbrellas are made from 100% cotton and feature a feminine and "vintage" look. The company sells to clients who use their products in Civil War reenactments, vintage weddings, French royal court reenactments, plays, photography props, garden tea parties and other productions and also in everyday use.

During the Victorian Era, parasols were used by fashion conscious women and also by power elite males, as well. Parasols provided an effective shield from the sun and were also an crucial part of the overall fashionable ensemble. In those days no fashion conscious person would ever consider being in public without one. These lovely parasols are distinguishable from ordinary umbrellas by the fact that they are much more elegant and stylish.

It is an unusual and beautiful website with items for sale that would be very difficult to find elsewhere……maybe we will see the parasol making a comeback!

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