Jeff Koons on the Roof

New York is experiencing an Indian summer and what better to spend a sunny Friday evening than on the rooftop patio at the Metropolitan Museum? Amongst some New Yorkers Friday afternoon is Martini at the Met time.

Surrounded by views of Central Park and the skyline locals and tourists alike relax and mix amongst the art. Currently the rooftop features the giant, colourful sculptures of Jeff Koons. Set against the bright blue sky they seem a perfect compliment to the glorious weather and magically worked to put everyone in a good mood.

While they may seem childlike Jeff Koon’s sculptures, according to the New York times are;
‘mischievously meaningful works. With its pneumatic, sausage like parts, “Balloon Dog (Yellow)” is a sly Trojan Horse: it seems innocent but is loaded with aesthetic and erotic perversity. “Sacred Heart (Red/Gold)” acidly comments on the commercial debasement of emotional and religious experience. “Coloring Book” reflects the youth-obsessed infantilism of modern culture and society’.

Perhaps this is true of the city itself - always offering residents and visitors mischievous adventures and unlimited fun. While at the same time being a complex city made up of many layers, giving it much more depth than simple banality.

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