Lingerie Review - Huit Titcha, the original 1970's collection

Huit Titcha Pink Titcha YellowTitcha blue

If you read our blog from the 2nd March you'll already know of the renowned lingerie brand, Huit, which is celebrating it's 40th birthday this year. MioBlog mentioned the redesigning and relaunching of the highly coveted 'Titcha' style, which is celebrating its 40 years since it launched.

If you were wondering what the original Huit Titcha collection looked like, well, the Mio team were wondering too and we've managed to get you a few sneak pics from our friends at Huit.....just incase you wanted to see how the style of lingerie has changed. To celebrate, Huit has reintroduced a 2008 version of the Titcha, which is available at Mio Destino.

New Titcha

Check it out here.

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