HOTmilk; There's no point crying about it

Whilst recently reading the Metro newspaper I came across an article featuring one of our best sellers, HOTmilk. It was regarding a lingerie shop in North Yorkshire, who stocks the brand, having to withdraw their pregnant mannequin from a window display because a women within the town found it offensive.

The owner said ‘I was trying to advertise that maternity wear has got a bit sexier…I replaced it with an ordinary mannequin in bra and knickers and then got accused of making the window look like a sex shop.”

Here at Mio Destino, we think that HOTmilk is a fantastic modern brand acknowledging the fact that women still want to feel sexy and fashionable even when they have their beautiful bump!

If you agree with us and would like to experience feeling fabulous during your pregnant months, or know someone you could treat, then head to Mio Destino now for our selection of maternity lingerie.

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