HOTmilk – be pregnant in style

“When a woman is twenty, a child deforms her; when she is thirty, he preserves her; and when forty, he makes her young again.”- Leon Blum

I think we all remember that Miranda moment in Sex and the City with her new born son, breast feeding, hardly a beautiful image in some women’s eyes but does it all have to be so off putting? Lingerie for pregnant women was practically non-existent a few years ago but now the market is taking notice of pregnant mothers that want to be sexy. HOTmilk is setting out to do just that; only a year old the New Zealand company has already gone global. Taking inspiration from personal experience the HOTmilk team is taking the maternity lingerie market by storm.

There are so many rules and guidelines for maternity underwear, no underwire is allowed, the cups need to fully open to avoid added pressure and the problems that extra pressure can cause but modern technology has made it possible to be sexy again and HOTmilk are driving the bandwagon. And about time to, well you wouldn’t catch Angelina Jolie feeding the twins without sexy support would you!

Not only do HOTmilk supply sexy lingerie they are creating cute camisoles for comfort as well as practicality and now advancing into sleepwear, price should be no exception when looking after your child, why not look after yourself as well?

HOTmilk maternity underwear is now available at

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