Golden Lingerie

Golden Lingerie

I?ve always believed that a good bra is worth its weight in gold. Evidently the people at Shenyang Cuihua Gold jewellery store in Shenyang, China, decided to put this theory to the test.

The result: a golden lingerie set.

Four goldsmiths worked for four months to produce the matching bra and knickers which are said to weigh 950 grams in total.

Heavy. But shiny!

Before you go rushing to Shenyang to buy yourself some of this underwear über-bling, I should point out that the lingerie isn?t for sale. At least not yet. ?It?s for demonstration, not for sale,? the store?s owner told the Shenyang Evening News.

But if you have £13 000 to spare you could probably find some goldsmiths to weld one for you?

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