Dude, Nudefest Hits Britain!

Nudefest 2007 is taking place this year at Newperran Holiday Park, Newquay, Cornwall. This blog I suppose can either be an advert or a warning for those of you planning to visit Cornwall this weekend where 500 nude enthusiasts will descend for a weekend of buff frolics.

Enthusiasts will enjoy food, entertainment (I hate to buy into a stereotype but surely they'll be playing volleyball?) and a disco. There used to be a nudist morning at my local swimming baths and although I never went along, there was a rumour that my French teacher was a member.

If the Nudefest organizers need a photographer who isn't shy or retiring, Spencer Tunik recently organized 20,000 (!) Mexicans in Mexico City for an artistic photograph. You can actually volunteer here to take part in his next project.

I might do it, so long as there is no naked volleyball.

And I don't bump into my French teacher!

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