Don�t hide your curves under pyjamas; unveil them!

A recent body survey conducted by Fabulous magazine (20th July 2008) revealed some very interesting figures when it came to what each sex thinks about the female body. Can you believe that a huge 79% of British women want to lose weight and that 55% worry their partner isn?t attracted to them because of their body? Come on ladies, I thought we had all learnt to accept, flaunt and appreciate our beautiful curves!

Well, even if we still can?t come to terms with the fact we are on the more voluptuous side of a size 10, at least our men can. A fantastic 58% say that they are completely happy with their partner?s body and wouldn?t change a thing, choosing a size 12 woman as their perfect body size when it comes to the opposite sex.

So get out that sexy lingerie set, stick some music on and dance around your living room, proud of the bits of you that wobble, or treat yourself to some new Lingerie today at Mio Destino.

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