Diet Every Other Day

Do you want to lose weight for Christmas? Or perhaps you want to look that little bit slimmer in your favourite lingerie with a body to rival? A new diet could help you do that, and it only demands you to have will power half of the time.

It is called the Alternative Day Diet and as the name suggests, requires you to diet every other day. Devised by US plastic surgeon, James B Johnson, the diet promises to capitalise on your short comings. Johnson came across a study involving mice which were fed every other day and it was shown to have dramatic health benefits, so he decided to test the idea on himself to see how it affected humans. He lost 2 and a half stone in just over 2 months by eating 25% of his normal daily allowance every other day. After trying the diet on a group of volunteers it was evident that it was an affective weight loss plan.

The effect of mild starvation triggers your body to switch on its ‘skinny gene’ called Sirt 1 and prompts cells to release fat into the bloodstream to be burned off. This all sounds great, but Johnson emphasises the need to be realistic. If you take on this plan you will feel very hungry on your ‘down’ days, and there’s no excuse for running of to McDonalds and buying a super size meal on your days off. Experts say that if done properly, this diet has significant health benefits and you will lose weight.

It consists of two phases –
Phase one: Eat 25% of typical daily food consumption every other day for 2 weeks. This may be toast for breakfast, soup for lunch and chicken and veg for dinner, with fruit and yoghurt as a snack.
Phase two: Increase down days to 30-35% of normal food consumption for as long as needed to reach your goal weight.

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