Conical Bras make a comeback

Whilst most things related to the current economic climate have left us feeling miserable and down, the latest trend, conical bras will at least leave (some of us) with a smile on our faces. Retailers last week reported a 10% increase in sales of conical bras claiming that the resurgence of the emphasis on curves provides evidence that the worst of the recession is over and there are more optimistic times to come.

Originally made popular by the likes Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell in the 50’s the conical bra has had a number or revivals over the years. Most notably when Madonna wore her infamous conical bra during her world tour in the 80’s. Currently, the look has been revisited by fashion leaders Jean Paul Gautier and Louise Goldin, which is undoubtedly also influencing sales.

The link to recession and conical bras is apparently one that keeps repeating itself through history ‘throughout the last century the trend for feminine pointy shaped bras experienced a renaissance following times of a toughened economy, marking a return of unabashed femininity as women seek to have more fun with fashion as a form of escapism.'

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