Lingerie Argentovivo Push Up Bras

BEIJING, October 2007 ? China?s communist government have banned television and radio ads for push-up bras, sex toys and figure-enhancing under garments.

The government believes that this will make TV and radio ?healthier? for the masses.

Ads using supposedly crude or suggestive language and images have already been targeted.

Reality talent shows of the Pop Idol format have also been hit by strict legislation: there will no longer be any mass voting by text messaging or internet allowed. Television shows about cosmetic surgery and sex changes have been banned, as have 11 radio shows which were deemed to be broadcasting material of an ?extreme pornographic nature? according to SARFT (China?s State Administration of Radio, Film and Television).

?Extreme pornography?? On the radio? That?s pretty impressive.

However, it?s not all madness, the regulators are also clamping down on ads for sex aids like tonics and pills, many of which can be dangerous - and most of which are ineffective.

"Illegal 'sexual medication' advertisements and other harmful ads pose a grave threat to society," read the SARFT notice, posted on the administration's website.

I just find it hard to see how push-up bras and sex toys:

"not only seriously mislead consumers, harm the people's health, pollute the social environment, and corrupt social morals, but also directly harm the credibility of public broadcasting and affect the image of the Communist Party and the government".

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