Chanel lands in New York

Deep in central park, in a wooded clearing lies a bright white pod – perhaps aliens have landed in the city and looking at the UFOesque shape it seems quite possible. However, once Mio Destino ventured nearer we notice the subtle Chanel logos on the uniforms of the stylish security guards encircling the ship.

And so the mystery of the pod is solved, of course this is not the invasion of aliens (sigh of relief) but the invasion of Chanel (yippee). The pod designed by architect Zaha Hadid features art inspired by the infamous quilted Chanel handbag. A varied range of artists from around the globe include - blue noses, Daniel Burden, Loris Cecchini and Soju Tao to name but a few. With such a varied range of artists should make for an inspiring and varied exhibition.

Getting to see the exhibition is frustratingly difficult, a limited number of tickets were released on the internet – all of course were snapped up immediately and now the only option left is to go early morning and stand in long queues. However, as always Mio Destino has managed to get a hold on some of the elusive tickets and will be there on Friday to give you the inside info on all things Chanel.

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