Chanel Art Pod - Inside revealed

Finally Mio Destino got to step inside ‘the ship’ otherwise known as the Mobile Chanel Art Pod. Although it was a rather beautiful sunny, crisp autumn day in Central Park there was something about the stillness of the site, the twilight zone music (which seemed to come from nowhere) and the perfectness of the military-esque Chanel uniforms which left Mio slightly on edge. What was in store inside this shiny white pod?

After Mio had been ushered in, given some rather precise instructions and fitted with a pair of headphones we were left to enjoy the exhibition. And what an experience it was. Rather than being left to wander through the space aimlessly each individual follows instructions from their headsets. Consequently although you may be viewing a piece of art with 3 or 4 people it is essentially an isolated and therefore, unique experience for each individual.

The artwork itself was a complete sensory experience. With photography, sculptures, video, sound and light there is something for everyone, with excitement around each corner (of which there were a lot). Our fave piece, obvious as it may be, was the HUGE Chanel handbag with fury lining. It looked so good Mio was tempted to curl up inside for a quick nap!!

Like all space ships the pod has moved on and is now in London – check it out!

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