Bridal Lingerie Required In Serbia Urgently

Looking for ‘the one’ is bloody tiring, but fun too. Endless nights out, always the thrill of the unknown, and so on. But what if you go out knowing that there are no women there…

Well in Serbia this has become a problem, but the innovative government has hit upon a solution. Serbia are to import 250,000 would-be brides from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and even Vietnam in an effort to help the 250,000 young men of Serbia find the loves of their lives.

It’s a nice idea, and shows the governments of Serbia are clearly aware of what you need to have a functioning country – especially as they say "There is a lot of potential in brides from Cambodia, Laos, Burma and Vietnam. Girls from those countries have a tradition of bearing children. And those girls are also good at agricultural work," he added. Well that’s alright then!

They're surely going to require alot of bridal lingerie shipping out there soon. For the perfect set for your wedding day browse Mio Destino's bridal lingerie today!

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