Breast Cancer Awareness Month Viral Video

Breast cancer awareness has risen significantly over the last few years but a new viral video launched this week hopes taking awareness a step further and reaching out to a younger audience through the power of the internet.

Sponsored by Samsung the video features a diverse range of women from all ethnic backgrounds and ages who all share one thing in common – their lives have been touched in someway by breast cancer.

The video will go out on sites such as Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Flickr and hopefully reach out to at least 500,000 women in Europe, encouraging them to be breast aware and check themselves regulary. According to the Telegraph ‘more than 130,000 women die each year from cancer in Europe, but many of these deaths could have been prevented’. The article goes on to mention that, ‘the campaign encourages women to check their breasts regularly for abnormalities as "early detection saves lives"’.

In order to raise awareness the campaign asks women to pledge to do something to raise awareness amongst their family and friends. This doesn’t necessarily mean raise funds – it could be something as simple as giving 10 friends a pink flower as a reminder to your friends about the importance of regular checks.

At Mio Destino we know about the value of being breast aware and encourage you to think about what you can do to raise awareness of breast cancer amongst your community.

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Watch the video here.

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