Blogger jailed for 10 years

In MATSUMOTO, Japan on Monday a 21-year-old blogette was sentenced to 10 years for arson attacks on buildings. Why was she doing it, you ask?

Apparently, it was in order to become famous through her blog and for sheer pleasure. The Judge held that Erika Hirata was responsible for nine arson attacks in April and May 2006 in and around Suwa, Nagano Prefecture.

"The arsons stemmed from a rash and selfish motive, and there is no room for lenience," said the Presiding Judge Toshiyuki Mine. Prosecutors had demanded a 13-year term for Hirata, who pleaded guilty to the charges (by email?).

It appears that Hirata started by torching a wooden shed in Suwa on April 13, 2006 followed the next month by burning down a 740-square-meter former gymnasium at the junior high school she'd been at. I never liked sports either but it never crossed my mind to torch the sports hall!

Those shrewd Nagano police suspected Hirata was the clever spark (sorry!) behind the arson attacks as she knew too many of the details of the crimes. Her poor Dad said, "I want to apologize to the victims (no one appears to have been injured, apart from financially). I want to go into prison myself instead (of my daughter)," he said, shedding tears.

Should fellow bloggers be worried? Is there a concerted effort to clamp down on the activities of bloggers? Is Hirata the first victim of Big Brothers mistrust of the blogging culture? I think we are OK fellow bloggers & blogettes but if you are a smoker I�d consider giving just never know, you may be next!

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