Bliss Create Answer To 'Salve' All Problems

Bliss London have enlisted some clever scientists at have come up with a product which they say can perform 20 functions. The ‘Problem Salved 20-in-1 wonder balm’ blends ingredients of tea tree oil, mango butter, kukui nut oil and natural bisabolol to soothe, smooth and remove. Some of the uses include soothing sunburn, soothing stinging and itching from insect bites, moisturising chapped skin, nourishing cuticles and taming unruly eyebrows.

The product costs £14 from Bliss spa locations or from Bliss Spa started life in New York in 1996 and are now a one stop shop for spa and beauty products.

Think of all the space you could save in your handbag, or take it on holiday to ensure you keep gorgeous and groomed in your bikini with minimal luggage space taken up!

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