Ballet from Mio Destino Lingerie

So, do you know your grand jeté from your pas de chat from your pas de deux? No!...well that doesn?t stop you or your girlfriend from appreciating the grand spectacle that is, ballet. You?ll find many people who go to the ballet haven?t a clue either ? they just know that they like what they see.

You say you don?t or won?t like it? Well, how do you know till you have actually been to see a ballet? How about surprising your partner with a trip to the ballet this Valentine?s Day, you never know you may just like it!

On the first time you go to the ballet you should see a popular ballet with a full company (all your players are in the team). You will then appreciate ballet at its best.

My favourite ballets are ?The Nutcracker? and ?Swan Lake? with music by Tchaikovsky and ?Romeo and Juliet? with music by Prokofiev. It would help you and your partner to look at a synopsis of the story before you go as this will increase your enjoyment and also help you understand what is actually going on, as without words this can be a little tricky.

A trip to the ballet on Valentines night followed by a romantic meal or a pair of tickets to a ballet in the future could show your loved one a whole new sensitive and cultured you. Her Prince Charming may give her a Valentine?s Day she would always remember fondly. After all what girl didn?t want to be a ballerina?.they are so utterly graceful.

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