Simone Perele lingerie from Mio Destino

It?s good to live in the 21st century. If you?re reading this it means you have a computer, internet access and good taste?and not only that, but you?re on a website that sells some of the damn finest lingerie on the web.

But spare a thought for your distant relatives who toiled ?oop mill? or ?down in?t mine? for shillings and farthings (I think?) and never got to see the likes of some of the garments on this website. Well, a museum in Walsall has just opened a new exhibition that is looking back at the past 500 years of underwear and I am sure there won?t be anything on display that would get imaginations fired or pulses racing.

Evolution is a concept that you can apply to most things and Mio Destino is solid proof that over time human?s work methodically towards a pinnacle of perfection. So while the museum may not contain anything you?d want to wear now it is probably a fascinating look at the changing nature of that very important garment we all wear all the time ? underwear.

Just count your blessings you can choose to buy / wear what?s on sale here, rather than having to put up with what our ancestors had in ?the olden days?.

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