What Katie Did in Vogue

To get in Vogue once would be impressive but What Katie Did recently were featured three times!

Courtesy of What Katie Did

What Katie Did is back in the press in British Vogue magazine. What Katie Did corsets, bullet bras and shapewear seem to make regular appearances in the prestigious fashion magazine Vogue and with great designs and superb quality it's easy to see why. The feature was titled: Vogue Shops, More Dash Than Cash, It's an A to Z of bargain hunting. In the Lingerie section Vogue wrote,

'The Vogue fashion team often visits whatkatiedid for vintage-reproduction lingerie for their shoots. We love the beautiful fifties-style satin Harlow Bullet bra, £27.50'

Another article about What Katie Did appeared in Vogue under the title, 'Winter Warmer' and it featured the Harlow bullet bra as one of a sexy 'barely there' lingerie feature. The Harlow bra has been a fantastic hit and it is easy to see why it was in the barely there section.

Then again a third mention in another issue of Vogue with Barbie, who is celebrating her 50th birthday this year, recommending the What Katie Did Harlow lingerie range.

What a superb retro corset and lingerie brand What Katie Did is and it is unsurprising that they have a large cult following.

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