Vollers Red Cat Satin Corset: What he bought, what she thought!

Vollers-Red Cat-Corset

We love to hear from our customers about their Mio Destino experience and never more so than when it involves a little 'He says, she says'. We asked one of our lovely gentlemen customers to tell us about his choice of gift and his lovely lady told us what she really thought.

Greg: " Janna had a big birthday coming up and her best mate had arranged a surprise burlesque dancing class for a bunch of the girls. Janna's got into the burlesque look over the last few years, she loves Dita Von Teese and has dropped some not-so-subtle hints about loving the glam, corset look, so I thought why not get her one then she can wear it to her burlesque class and on their big night out afterwards."

Janna: " I was so impressed with the corset, it's beautiful. It's definitely something I wanted but never could justify buying for myself. I was quite surprised Greg had a clue which one to get because I know corset sizing can be a bit tricky but he just called up the girls from Mio and talked through how it works and they helped him pick out the Vollers red satin cat corset and it fits like a glove!"

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