So what is Satin or is it Sateen?

Eternal Spirits Black Audrey Corset from Mio Destino

Satin is commonly used in designer lingerie, corsets, wedding dresses and ballet pointe shoes. We have all heard of the term and know it is a traditional and beautiful fabric which is often associated with luxury garments - but what is it?
Satin is an elegant material which has a luxurious lustre on one side, being very smooth whilst on the other side it has a matt effect and is quite dull. Satin is a type of cloth that can be made from various fabrics including silk, nylon and rayon. The secret of satin is in the warp-dominated weaving technique where a minimum amount of interlacings are used to construct the fabric. Various examples of satin weave fabrics are used to give a different effect including faille satin, slipper satin, crepe-back satin, bridal satin and antique satin.
Satin is very popular for use in wedding gowns and for the lapels of men's Dinner Jackets, baseball jackets and ties.
A variation of Satin is called Sateen which is formed when the yarn used is one such as cotton which is a short-staple yarn.

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