Second hand clothes you might actually want

Can you think of anything better than owning a piece of movie clothing memorabilia? How about Indiana Jones? hat, or James Bond?s tuxedo? Or perhaps a corset from the BBCs sumptuous production of Pride and Prejudice. Well actually for the last one you can. The Beeb has announced it is to sell of a number of its period corsets that graced ours screens for so many years.

Being so sick of hearing about Mr-bloody-Darcy all the time perhaps this is a good chance to make your girlfriends forget all that and thank you for a gift that will surely not only make her look amazing but will be something to make her friends jealous ? the actual corsets worn in Pride and Prejudice?has a nice sounds to it doesn?t it?

Eternal Spirits Corsets Vollers Corset Company What Katie Did Corsets
But given the interest this is bound to generate you could find yourself disappointed. But never fear! If you don?t manage to get your hands on them you can do no worse than head back to Mio Destino and purchase one of their sumptuous corsets?

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