Satin corset

Satin corsets


Satin corsets offer a woman elegance and style coupled with a magnificent hourglass shape.

Satin is particularly suited to designer lingerie and use in corsets and is a weave that
generally has a dull backing coupled with a shiney surface reminicent of silk.
The manufacture of the fabric is a 'warp dominated'technique of weaving that forms a
minimum amount of inter lacings within the satin fabric.

Though often made from silk a satin weave can be made with silk, polyester or nylon fibres.
For luxury corsets and designer lingerie the yarn used is predominantly silk.

Satin often a glossy lustre because it uses a lot of floats on the fabric.
Floats are interlacings that have been missed leaving the warp yarn lying on top of the weft yarn.
This has the double effect of making the satin smoother on the surface and glossy.

Satin is a perfect fabric for corsets and is used extensively by corset designers such as Vollers, What Katie Did corset, Eternal Spirits and Velda Lauder.

Corsets come in other fabrics apart from satin including leather corsets, silk corsets, cotton and velvet corsets.

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