Immodest Tease Show, Immodesty Blaize

Eternal Spirits from Mio Destino

Julian Clary will be presenting ?The Immodest Tease Show?! on Tuesday March 18th and Wednesday March 19th 2008 at KOKO in London with doors opening at 8pm. If you want to see how sexy corsets and underbusts can be displayed in their full grandeur in the hands of experts then make a date!

The show is packed with celebrities such as:

· the razor witted JULIAN CLARY,
· Miss Exotic World, the Reigning Queen of Burlesque, IMMODESTY BLAIZE,
· New York ?s finest export, DIRTY MARTINI!
· the exquisite queen of the fan dance, from Chicago , MICHELLE L?AMOUR!
· Las Vegas ? own showgirl supreme, KALANI KOKONUTS!
· And from Minneapolis, the larger than life, FOXY TANN!

The sensation of British burlesque Immodesty Blaize,whose real name is Kelly Fletcher, left the advertising job she had, to ply her saucy trade on the stage. Starring, in 2005, in her own burlesque theatre show she was crowned Miss Exotic World in 2007.

When asked where she got her stage name from Immodesty Blaize said, ? The gas man. Many years ago he came to do my boiler and said I looked like the comic character Modesty Blaise, which I found hilarious. I laughed and said, Immodesty more like!?

She continued, ?It was a real honour to win Miss Exotic World because it?s judged by old stars of burlesque, people such as Tura Satana and the Russ Meyer girls. It?s quite a compliment because they saw it the first time round.?

When asked if rotating her nipple tassels in opposite directions was a hard-won skill she said, ?It takes practice. There?s a knack. It?s all in the rhythm, size doesn?t matter.?
Asked about Dita Von Teese she said, ? We?re friends. I go to some of her shows and Dita has been to mine. We?re pals. We have our own individual styles, but we get on very well.?

Immodesty Blaize is particular about her makeup, always wearing Giorgio Armani foundation on stage and off because its fantastic and doesn't move, even under hot lights. For those hot red lips she finds the best shades of lipstick are from Guerlain whilst Nars do great eyeshadows.

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