Eternal Spirits Black Audrey Corset

Eternal Spirits corset


The sophisticated Eternal Spirits Black Audrey Corset is elegant and distinctive as can be expected from this Queen of Corsetry.

Made in a luxuriant black satin with a bold ribbon lace detailing this corset is ideal for an evening party. The black Audrey corset has classic corset shaping with a straight neckline that will suit all female shapes. Eternal Spirits has been described as the UK's hot corset label. All Eternal Spirits corsets are traditionally made and are hand crafted by corsetry specialists. Eternal Spirits corsets are typified by premium fabrics, great styles and vibrant colours which make these corsets more like art than designer lingerie. Eternal Spirits

If you need advice on your corset size then there are two guides to help you: a corset guide and a corset video.

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