Corsets, Underbusts or Waspies?

Vollers Corsets from Mio Destino

Corsets, Underbusts and Waspies are beautiful and intricate garments with long histories and many unusual terms related to them. The following should help you understand corsets better:

Basque - the section of bodice below waist which was shaped to hips and was also another name for a corset.

Bust Bodice - This is a covering for the
bust, predominantly with straps and occasionaly lightly boned at the side andfront for giving the 'mono-bosom' effect.

Bustier - Often worn as outerwear it is a long-line brassiere which is often strapless.

Cambric - This is a fine white linen which is used for bodices and corset lining.

Camisole - This was originally a loose bodice worn over the corset to protect it.

Corselette The name for a smaller corset covering the waist and often back-lacing and front fastening.

Galloon Lace - A finished lace which has a scalloped edge on either sides which is used for finishing the tops and bottoms of corsets with a silk thread was embedded in the lace for a drawstring effect.

Garter Suspender - this refers to the attachments at the bottom of corsets for the attachment of stockings similar to a suspender belt.

Guepiere - This is a type of short boned corset, and is similar to a waspie and is known as a cincher in North America.

Helanca - This is a stretch elastic fibre that will give two ways and is made of nylon and polyester and is used in flexible panels for a corset. They are used in 'Merry Widow' style corselettes.

Lacing or lace - A woven or twisted cord which is used to secure the corset.

Lacing Protector - A piece of the corset the same length as the corset, and about three or four inches wide without boning. It protects clothing and skin from the lacing. It also allows the lacings to move more smoothly and helps in self-lacing by holding the lacings tightly. It also makes the corset look smarter when the lacings are not totally closed.

Merry Widow - A non-laced corset with a half-cup bust support and long stocking suspenders.
New Look - This was introduced by Dior and featured a narrow, nipped waist which was often corsetted and had wide flaring skirts with crinoline propping.

Sweetheart corsets - These corsets are graceful and very flattering following a ladies natural lines and showcasing her natural assets.

Waist Cincher - This ia a type of corset that in appearance is a belt and is designed to narrow the waist.

Waspie - A wide belt-like corset.

Wasp Waist - A small waist created by tightlacing.

A corset can give a woman a gorgeous hourglass figure and are of often worn as both inneer or outerwear when they look particularly attractive. Corsets come in a range of prices and there are useful corset size guides to help you pick the correct one.

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