Corsets, the sultry outerwear

Vollers Chery Red Satin Corset
Vollers Corsets new corset and underbust collection has just been released on the Mio Destino site
The Vollers corset company has been producing superior corsets for four generations which means that you can be assured of a style, quality and attention to detail which is world renowned which explains their handmade corset and underbusts popularity with the ?jet set?.

The new collection has an emphasis on corset style coupled with a new directional tone which shows that Vollers corsets are, once more, at the forefront of the increasingly popular use of corsets and underbusts as figure enhancing and glamorous outerwear. Their underbusts and waspies look equally incredible whether you are wearing jeans or Hollywood glam.

The new collection includes the ?Filmstar style? Vollers Cherry Red Satin Corset , the eye catching Leopard Print Waspie, and the chic High Polished Leather Waspie which would be perfect for a dinner party?..enjoy!

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