Corset Review Vollers Red Cat Satin Corset Dress

Unique Features

The Vollers Red Cat Satin Corset Dress is for the ultimate vixen indulgence. A revised classic corset dress that is shaped over the bust in a ferocious sassy red animal print. A discreet hook and eye fastening beneath the front busk, makes this corset dress very easy to wear. A front fastening and back laced style ensures the maximum pull in power.

Personal Opinion

This stunning Red Cat Satin Corset Dress from the corset experts at Vollers is a sexy fierce piece that will dazzle and amaze. The corset dress is back laced to ensure a great hourglass shape from top to toe. The overbust corset design gives the bust a great support and uplift. The Vollers Red Cat Corset Dress looks fabulous in the evening or for a formal boudoir deluxe outfit, something he will definitely want to get his teeth into. Check out the other Vollers Red Cat Overbust Corset style also available at Mio Destino.

Sexiness 5/5
Glamour 5/5
Style 5/5
Fit 5/5
Comfort 5/5
Overall 5/5

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