Corset Review Vollers Harlequin Burlesque Overbust Corset

Unique Features

This Vollers Harlequin Burlesque Overbust Corset is set in a deep Purple Haze, and is dramatically embellished with purple feathers for that ultimate teasing, theatrical look. The corset has a bone structure and back laced styling to give this overbust corset a great waist-clinching power. The front fastening makes this style an easy fit corset with voluptuous sex appeal.

Corset Measurements: Corset front depth 13”. Corset back depth 12”.

Personal Opinion

This gorgeous Vollers Harlequin Burlesque Overbust Corset oozes classic Burlesque glamour. A stunning black and purple metallic diamond design that is certain to catch the eye. Finished with a touch of purple feather detailing at the bust creates a striking burlesque iconic feature. Black laced and front fastening ensure an easy wear. For optimal fit order your Vollers corset 2-4" smaller than your waist size. This corset is also available in Dream Catcher Green Harlequin without the feathers.

Sexiness 5/5
Glamour 5/5
Style 5/5
Fit 5/5
Comfort 5/5
Overall 5/5

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