Corset gift guide for men

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A corset is a piece of lingerie that every woman should own and every man would like a woman to own! Here is a quick guide advising how to buy a corset for the lady in your life.

1. Give yourself enough time to order.
Due to Mio Destino’s corsets being made-to-order this does mean that we advise you to order the item 4 weeks before needed. If you require it for a Christmas gift, we advise ordering it no later than November 10th.

2. Choose the style.
You have two options here; an overbust and a underbust. Overbusts are longer and push up the breasts whereas underbusts just cover the tummy area and can be worn with a bra. Mio Destino advises that if your lady is a DD or bigger in her bra size then go for an underbust.

3. Choose the shape.
Underbusts are pretty much all the same so you can skip to point 4 now. For overbusts you have several options and these all affect the shape at the top of the corset. Sweetheart (like the top half of a heart shape), Burlesque (quite straight at the front but spikes up at the sides) and Victoriana (straight across).

4. Choose the fabric.
Corsets at Mio Destino come in Swarovski crystal, cotton, silk, satin, velvet and leather. Cotton for everyday wear under clothing and silk for special occasions and maybe outerwear. Satin for a versatile piece that can be worn under or over, velvet for a more traditional approach and leather for the bedroom!

5. Choose the colour.
Do you want to buy a piece that will wow your woman but that she may only wear a few times? Or do you want something that may not be as flamboyant but she will get more use out of? Safe colours are black, white, red, blue, grey and pink. Colours to impress are purple, green, yellow as well as corsets with glitter and crystals.

6. Find out her waist size.
This is the tricky bit as a lot of women don’t even know their waist size themselves and it is not going to be clearly stated on a tag somewhere in her lingerie drawer. Here are Mio Destino’s tactics for finding this out
-Subtly ask her for her waist size. Example “Oh the girls at work today were all moaning about their waist size, I just don’t understand it? Is 40” big? What’s yours?” You will deserve an Oscar after that!
-Get a piece of ribbon and when you are both in a ‘joyful’ mood wrap it firmly around her waist (with one end in one hand and the length of the ribbon in the other) then mark with your teeth, needs must, where one end met the other. As soon as you can mark it with a pen and measure.

7. Order the corset.
Visit and place your order on our easy to use and secure site. All items come fully gift wrapped for free and if you need any advice you can log onto Livechat (left hand side of the homepage) or call us, 0845 840 0025.

So, there we have it, a simple guide to buying a corset. We wish you luck in your journey and hope to be delivering a beautifully hand wrapped parcel to the woman you love very soon!

*Offer ends 16th October 2009 Midnight GMT.

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