A unique day, your wedding day, followed by a unique night, your wedding night.

Vollers White Stripe Corset from Mio Destino

This year is a leap year and in some cultures, such as Greece, many people regard it as an unlucky year for planning their wedding, well these bridal lingerie suggestions then are for the less superstitious and more daring, luck is on the side of the brave after all!

Indeed there is so much more you can put into your wedding and you can surely give it you own finishing touch with sexy bridal lingerie which is going to give your wedding night the kind of hypnotising effect that makes it linger in your memories. It is advisable to start making preparations for the wedding night as soon as soon as you have put down your plans for the wedding day, browse through the luxurious designer lingerie offered by Mio Destino, look for matching sets and colour and don?t forget to pack up a few surprises for your beloved during your honeymoon and some sexy swimwear for the beach!

The wedding night lingerie will have to match the luxury and glamour of your wedding dress, white is the bridal colour and for your wedding night many women love to share the seductive lines of brilliant white lingerie, perhaps combined with dark overtones.
This wedding luxury can be prolonged during your honeymoon where you could wear lighter styles with more infused, colourful tones, still clad in the finest silk and lace.

And don?t forget, unlike the wedding dress, these are presents to stay with you far beyond the wedding day, so let your married life begin with some luxurious designer lingerie that you can wear with your loved one during the coming years!

If you begin to hear the patter of tiny feet then you may also like to look at a new and exciting designer, HOTmilk, which is available at Mio Destino and which caters for luxurious designer maternity lingerie and nursing bras. Who says the proud Mum can?t look sexy and radiant!

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