We all thought yoga was a fad that celebs had done and were now bored of, but it seems not. Remember those pictures of Geri Halliwell on the beach with her yoga mat looking sickeningly toned? Well it seems that lots of celebs have been secretly toning up with their yoga mats including Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie.

It seems that yoga is the way to get those wash-board abs and the relaxed state of mind we all crave. Yoga boasts of providing core inner strength and toned limbs for those who have the balance to carry out the series of poses involved in a workout. Personally, I don’t need much convincing if yoga provides results like Jennifer Aniston - she is almost 40 and could easily pass for someone half her age.

So I thought I’d give yoga a try and I found it fairly easy to grasp, and it felt surprisingly good. If, like me, your idea of a work out is one that contains as little sweating and out of breath messiness as possible then yoga is definitely for you. I was so chilled out by the end of the session I almost fell asleep, now that to me is the best kind of workout!

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