Will this year be your Speedo year?

Speedos have been around since the early 60s, but have never quite taken off in the fashion stakes, although it hasn't been for lack of trying! Everybody must own a picture of their rather embarrassing geeky Dad on the beach, wearing high-waisted brown / mustard Speedos. (*Cringe*) However, the worlds most adored (or is it adorned!) and fashionable footballer David Beckham was recently shot sporting a pair of white trunks whilst cruising on a rather large, luxury yacht. He actually managed to make Speedos swimwear look good and ever so masculine! We say "thumbs up", David!

The Speedo Pros
1. Everything stays in place.
2. They don't weigh heavy when wet unlike shorts.
3. Get THE classic tan!

The Speedo Cons
1. Shows every mans dignity and leaves little to the imagination. (This will be a Pro for some.)
2. All men secretly own a pair even if they deny it!

So, will Speedos ever be fashionable? What do you reckon Hot or Not? If you are interesting a sneak peak at this year's Speedo collection, visit Speedo themselves. If it's been a long winter, you might want to take a look at this Speedo gallery and then, possibly head to gym. Maybe we will see him next in some Ginch Gonch!

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