Will the stitching hold on the Beckham's underwear shoot?

In and out of the spotlight constantly, the Beckhams, an export that Britain once prided itself on, have attempted yet another return to their waning cool.

The Armani portrait where David is clutching a rope with unrealistically glistening abs and tight boxers was received by the media as being a dashing campaign and one that would steady Armani for the future. However, the rub lies in the portraits of the couple attempting a glamorous and sexy romp, though they end up looking, well, a bit ropey. Aside from the usual tabloid criticisms of over using the air-brush and Photoshop, this campaign has been heralded as yet another gratuitous portion of the Beckhams, which leaves us wondering why they seem to crave the limelight.

The couple look brittle and shallow despite the simple but age-old trick of using the forgiving medium of black and white. The textbook use of shading leaves the eyes as dry and lifeless as a Chucky doll. However, the piesta resistance is the lighting, as no one who's had three kids will ever look like Victoria does, which is a true testament to the photographer. David's incredibly shiny and rather Chaplin-esque hair must also have taken true skill to capture sensitively though it pushes the portraits further into the realm of self obsession. It's also widely considered by Beckham sceptics that the main reason behind the campaign isn't the underwear at all but her controversial boob job instead. The whole feel of the campaign leaves me restless as to why they still persist in acting like the best thing since sliced bread and I just can’t shake the thought that it resembles all too closely the perfectly executed TV adverts for Davidoff Cool Water not so long ago.

It's just a shame that a once considered ‘cool’ couple seem to try so hard by using every trick in the book to look like the couple for which time stood still. To get your fall fix check out Mio Destino for all the latest lingerie.

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