Why is it that footballers love drink and women?

The flash lifestylehas always surrounded the footballing elite - but why?

You don't really hear of tennis stars, cricketers or athletes in drunken romps with porn stars. If you are new to this football culture, just view Rio Ferdinand's CV of sex scandals, driving offences, missed drug test to help create the visual. So is this phenomenon unique to football? Is it just because football is the main sport and loads of people watch it, or is it because cricketers, athletes and tennis stars have a bit more self control?

I don't know - but what I do know is that if I was young, free and single earning millions of pounds each year - I would want a piece of the highlife. I have to admit I would find the temptations irresistible. Show me a man who wouldn't? Maybe they are out there, but I doubt it.
Does the sport attract certain types of individuals?

    Cricket, a slower more drawn out sport - could the same be said in real life

- I'm not so sure. Take Peterson and Flintoff, they look lively lads - they might enjoy a pint and a bird?

Would it be fair to say that cricket is a boring sport that attracts bores?

Football is lively, all action and it attracts those sorts of characters the ones that we love to read about! Send me your views!

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