What Not To Wear To Ascot

Rod Stewart and his girlfriend Penny Lancaster know the answer only too well. They were turned away from the Royal Enclosure in 2002 because Rod was dressed in a blue suit with white shoes and Penny wore a white mini-skirt.

White shoes? White mini-skirt?! Urgh.

But even tasteful outfits may not comply with the stringent Ascot rules for the Royal Enclosure. Here are some rules for anyone thinking of having a classy flutter this weekend:

Ladies should
- wear formal day dress
- make sure that shoulders and midriff are covered
- wear a hat that covers the crown of the head
- wear stockings or tights

Trouser suits are acceptable providing they are made of one material.
Skirts may finish no higher than two inches above the knee.

Gentlemen must
- wear morning dress in either black or grey
- wear a waistcoat
- sport a top hat

White or brown shoes are frowned upon.

Find out what the dresscode is in the Grandstand, the Yorkshire Course and the Rail Enclosures.

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